Seasonal: Green Carrot Ginger Juice | Reboot With Joe

Green Carrot Ginger Juice
2″ (5 cm) of ginger root (you may add more ginger if you like)
1 medium cucumber
4 carrots
3 stalks kale (Tuscan cabbage)
1/2 pear
This recipe comes to you via the Reboot With Joe website. I love visiting his website and getting new juicing recipes. Also f…


Beta-Carro Juice Recipe | Carrots, Apricots, Peaches

I had to try the Beta-Carro juice recipe because I bought so many apricots the last trip to the store. I love apricots and they produce a thick juice. You may have to add some water to this one. I think sparkling water would be great, but even purified water helps to thin this one out and…