This is my wordpress blog from my Prime Juicers website. I will be posting articles here which are also on http://www.PrimeJuicers.com.

Rich and VirginiaMy name is Richard, I go by Rich and I live in the beautiful state of South Dakota. I got interested in Natural Health as a career years ago when I thought my job was in jeopardy. The markets crashed and the economy went south. That was about 2008. Anyway, I started a program at Clayton College (now defunct) for my Bachelors Degree in Natural Health. I was about half way through when they closed their doors. Fortunately, I heard some others talking about the Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences and I signed up with them right away. I continued my studies and received my Bachelor of Natural Health degree from them in September of 2012. Still employed the entire time! Thank God, because I love my work and really didn’t want to look for something else while I studied.

I enjoy juicing and discussing things related to health and nature. Please come by and visit me at PRIMEJuicers.com


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