Metabolic Cooking Smoothies

What are Metabolic Cooking Smoothies? I love smoothies, and who doesn’t. If you don’t like smoothies, you’re in the wrong place.

As you know, I’ve been reviewing the Metabolic Cooking program. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants  to eat healthier, look better, feel better and/or lose weight. One part that you’ll receive from the Metabolic Cooking program is “53 Fat Burning Smoothies and Milkshakes.” This is the part I love.

metabolic cooking 250fattorching metabolic cooking smoothiesOf course I can’t review all of the cooking recipes or smoothie recipes because that wouldn’t be fair to the authors, but I think it’s okay to share something about it. After all this is a review!

One of the main concepts of Metabolic Cooking is eating a diet higher in protein. Protein provides the building blocks for the body to build muscle. Protein also requires more energy from the body to digest, thus increasing your metabolism.

High Quality Protein= Muscle and increased metabolic rate.

Metabolic Cooking Smoothies

Metabolic Cooking smoothies are high in protein. Once you sign up for the Metabolic Cooking program you’ll be introduced to Biotrust a low carb, protein supplement. This is an excellent choice. You can use others, but be sure to read the ingredients. Look for a protein supplement with all natural ingredients and no artificial colors or sweeteners. Also check the sugar content. Low sugar is very important to me. I don’t want to add a lot of sugar to my smoothies. See the link below for other protein powder suggestions.

To make these high protein smoothies you’ll not only need a protein supplement, but you’ll also need a blender or my personal choice, a  NutriBullet Pro. It’s so easy to use and cleans up quick!

Remember, simple recipes, that’s what I like. So next week I’m going to review a simple high protein smoothie recipe from Metabolic Cooking.

For more information on the Metabolic Cooking Craze see my review here. Thanks again for reading and please comment below. Have you used a protein supplement in your smoothies?

6 Healthiest Protein Powders For Your Smoothie

… Read the full article at


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